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Thursday, December 8, 2016

9 Strategies to Make Yourself a Better Player

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Everyone wants to be a better soccer player, but most don't do what is needed to make it happen. Its a simple sport, so train and get consistent at the simple facets.

Every high-level player, say a professional is able to make the same pass 100 times in a row, or 100 shots on frame. Its doing the small parts repetitively that will allow for further growth of your skills.

Start with the very basics of soccer and build upon them like a puzzle, once you have a few pieces in place you can fill in the missing areas.

Are you willing to work?

#1    Lets look at some portions of the games most players neglect to train consistently:

  • passing under pressure
  • being aware of the field with the ball
  • being aware of the field WITHOUT the ball
  • heading technique
  • passing/shooting technique
  • skill moves

You cant go to a game and expect to play at a high-level if you can't make a 10 yard pass accurately under pressure. For that matter you always have to be aware of the field and play around you! If you need more help with the basics than Click Here!

#2 Soccer is more than just technique and skill, train your body!

You have to be physical able to keep up in the modern game. Training your body is just as important as your technique. Work on your leg strength, flexibility, and upper body strength.

Try using this to help you out ~
The Ultimate Guide To Weight Training For Soccer (Ultimate Guide to Weight Training: Soccer)

#3  Foot speed is crucial, don't neglect it.

Just as important as having strong legs, its also key to make those legs quick. Using a ladder and footwork drills will allow you to keep up with shifty players.

#4  Fitness is key; agility and sprint speed must be trained to its fullest

The footwork drills you do to train your foot speed is apart of the greater sphere of fitness. When looking at your fitness levels ask yourself "am I able to play a full 90 minutes" and just as important "can I sprint the same as the first and last minute of the game".


I can't stress it enough, being the fastest on the field isn't as important if you cant sprint more than a few times. So don't neglect your endurance, agility and stamina.

#5  Train your mental toughness:

Mental strength and fortitude is a massive part of any sport. You must have confidence in your play, even when you make mistakes. Its about picking yourself up and immediately moving onto the next pass.
If you lose possession, try and gain it back as soon as possible. Pump yourself up before every game or training, and believe in yourself. Try getting into listening to music that gets your blood flowing. Make sure you collect yourself and be calm when on the ball, and not letting that blood get to your head.

Use mental imaging to picture yourself making the correct pass, or scoring a goal before you play and it will help you succeed in that action!

#6  Read up on your position

Tactical information is critical to becoming a more well-rounded player. You do not want to be the one player that runs around like a chicken with its head cut off.You must know what to do in different scenarios before they occur.

If you play a certain position learn it by heart; the runs you have to make, when to call for the ball, what passes to make, etc.! Watch the professionals and learn what they do in the position you play.

#7  Analyze your opponent before and during the game

If you are getting warmed for a game, or just starting one try to review your opponents you will be going up against. Look at their strengths and weaknesses to help yourself against them. If their strong foot is the right foot, force them to use their left by positioning them to their left side.

#8  Train using the right equipment:

A key part is training using equipment that actually will help you. The professionals and higher-level players get access to the best training tools in the world. Using things such as the SKLZ rebounder, help you work on passing, shooting, and volleying in different scenarios!

I am not saying that basic cones differ from what pros have but their are materials to help you. This also mean using the right cleats that wont break down easily, while also offering assistance with your touch.

#9  Last but not least, Eating healthy and getting rest is critical to further gains

What you put into your body is what you become. This is not fully literal, but if you eat junk food your body will become junk! Eat healthy and incorporate the right types of foods like veggies or fruits to give your body the energy and nutrients they require.

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