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Friday, December 2, 2016

Cleats, a Historical Review up to Modern Day Pairs

Soccer Cleats: A review of my past and present pairs

A Vast collection of soccer cleats, a case of a cleataholic
Soccer cleats, such a change of pace since our parents were playing. I can recall my father always telling me of his Umbro's, or some off brand of cleats that he use to wear. He would always tell me about their quality, and their durability. The constant speech of "when I was your age we didn't have no fancy cleats" or "I used one pair of cleats for years at a time", oh how things have changed. For that matter my dad still has a pair of his indoor cleats from 20 years ago!! A pair I used countless times up until my college days, and let me tell you the quality was there. A relic in a ever changing world, where cleats don't last a full seasons sometimes. A lot of factors cause that and as the times have changed, it has become less about quality and more style and cheap to make.

Cleats like the ones show below were how the mid 1930's cleats looked like. A far cry from the stylish modern boots don't you think?

A relic, a old pair of soccer "boots" from the 1930's

Lets face the music people things change. Cleats in the timeframe of my father didn't last as long as the early made leather boots. The same can be said about most pairs of modern pairs compared to my fathers cleats and of his generation. Yet change can be for the better too. I think I would prefer modern cleats over pairs like the one above, or the ugly indoors my father donated to me.

With the usage of modern online websites like at SoccerGarage.com we can find great cleats for great prices. We can now utilize picking the cleats we want from a wide range of selection containing mixed styles with durability and comfort. Granted these cleats may not last longer than past pairs, but there's a reason why!!

Its because modern players train longer, more frequently, and play in a different brand of soccer. Its a more brutal and demanding game on our feet, with increased amounts of running, tackles, and strenuous play. So us soccer fanatics and players need to have the access to replacing worn down and beat up pairs! From what I have seen they can get beat up very easily and if you wanted to you could get a cleat cover/skin from Cleatskins.com

Now with my experience of cleats I started out with Nike CTR's, and I loved every second of using them. I had, throughout ages 9-18, at least 8 pairs of CTR's, maybe more. I was and always will be a huge supporter of their comfort, quality and price. The only problem is they stopped mainstream manufacturing of CTR's. This means the last 2 pairs or so I had required searching for them. Almost like searching for the holy grail, a process that took forever and I doubtfully could find them again!

The search is no longer needed as I have found a suitable improvement to its predecessor: the Nike Tiempo Cleats, like shown above. I mostly purchase these off online websites SoccerGarage.com, or in store at Nike Outlets and other local soccer shops. The prices online are  usually the best for this cleat, but you have to try a pair on in store first to get a feel for the correct size. It seems to me the different brands of cleats like Nike, Adidas, or Puma all fit differently in the same size. That being said though I love the feel to the sole of the Tiempo, the comfort is off the charts. I suggest these to all players alike, even though I am a defender, makes no difference positional wise.

I also use ShoeBacca.com for great rates on Puma cleats that you can get for dirt cheap! Its crazy some of the deals I have purchased at least 4 pairs there, usually cheaper for Puma here versus other sites. I use the Puma's for my work of coaching 1 on 1, and as well practice cleats. They are great and love the quality for the price (I'm a bargain shopper).

All in all its safe to say the modern pair of soccer cleats has changed, no longer the "boots" they use to be. My father is always telling me about how flashy the modern cleats are, yet that style is something that defines our generation of player. New styles and pairs come out all the time like the sock attached, the new Adidas Glitch (removable parts), and anti-clog pairs!!! Its crazy what the present generation has a selection of, I can only imagine what the future holds.

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