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Monday, December 5, 2016

Training Struggles

Methods to the Madness of Training

Its the first nice day after a long winter, you decide to go kick a ball in the yard. This is the peaceful moment when you know you have a true love for the game. Not to waste your time watching TV or playing video games, but choosing to train instead. Not even train, but just the desire to get outside with a ball. Its at this same moment when you realize that your a little rusty, or maybe really rusty. That common phrase "wow my touch is crap" on repeat.

The fact of the matter is you love that feeling, it leads to a challenge. It means you have to make that touch come back to the way it was. It means juggling the ball,  shooting it against a wall, and passing it into a homemade nets a millions times.

If that's you than listen up, because I went through the same process day in and day out. Most of the time it can get frustrating trying to get that touch back, and it can lead to quitting. Never quit. Never stop. That love for the sport you have means more than a rusty touch, so here's some pointers for assisting you on getting back into your grove and beyond.
Always be willing to do a little extra.
Now it's challenging to get the motivation to keep training sometimes, especially when there's no one to push you. For that matter it's even more difficult when there's no structure to follow. Kicking a ball around can only get you so far. Yet it's easier than you think, specifically if you really do love game. It's about the commitment to train, and following a training guide to get you where you want. Soccer is a mental game, win the battle in training and you'll succeed on the war grounds on game day.
Here are some general points around training:
  • Put in what you get out = go through the motions and you suffer consequences
  • Training harder isn't always better, its about training smarter
    • This means effective and efficient methods
  •  Get consistent with your skill set
  • Work to fix your weak spots~ Ex. Get consistent with your opposite foot
  • Eating healthy is critical, without it your training will lack
  • Willing to accept failure, to learn a lesson, and than succeed
100% effort = 100% results
Its not just about the guides though, any one can follow those. Its about what your willing to put into the training. Its about the effort you put into those training guides and workouts that will get you the results you want. You cant just put minimal effort and go through the paces and expect change.


The simple measurement is you get what you put in. Give it your all and train at 100% effort, I can promise you will get results over time. Nothing is guaranteed just because you buy a guide or get a trainer. You have to follow the steps given to you with full effort, and knowing patience is key. Your skills wont get better over night.

These are just some of many guides to help you train:

Now if you cant follow a instruction of a guide, and prefer more personal approach to the training than there are plenty of 1 on 1 soccer coaches in the US, and World too. You can follow a good friend of mine, and someone who helped me get to where I am as a soccer player, Phil Tait. His website is www.1on1soccer.com is dedicated to bringing 1 on 1 coaching to players in the New England Area of the US. He also runs an account that gives you trainers from around the world: Instagram ~ https://www.instagram.com/1on1_soccer_index/ . On their website you can register yourself if you are a coach. If your a player you can find a coach that fits you in area~ https://1on1index.com/.
Phil Tait 1 on 1 Soccer

Its not just about working harder, but also smarter. Why burn yourself out doing the same work over and over again? Don't get me wrong consistency is key to success at higher levels, but you cant be consistent in just one category. You have to start training in a multitude of areas; technical, tactical, skill based, and physical.

As the great Michael Jordan once said, " To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail"

Its about training your weaknesses, the qualities your game lacks. If your a strong and fast player, maybe learn to slow the game down sometimes. If you have good footwork, but lack speed than incorporate a regime to improve your sprint speed. It may sound like "gee thanks for that one captain obvious" but think about it not everyone actually goes out and fixes their weak spots. Now is the time where you take the next step in your level of play, to get you to be a stand out on the field.

If you need some supplements to better yourself in the gym or dietary supplements to recover properly try A1Supplements.com - America's Favorite Supplement Store. You  can find some great products here to support your growth physically as a player. The field isn't the only place you should be working hard. Dedicating time in the gym is key to becoming a dominating force on the field.
Stay up to date with the blog to find out more on specific elements of training, this is just the beginning of many insightful articles to come!.

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